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Channel: BBC One and BBC Two

Some answers are good, but only one is UNBEATABLE in this knock-out quiz tournament for £10,000 hosted by Jason Manford.

Four opponents play solo and battle rounds in which they face a question and pick from a board of six rankable answers.

They can play it safe and earn £100 each time their chosen answer beats another on the board. Or, if they think they’ve picked the best answer, they can take a risk and hit their Unbeatable button. They’ll bank £1,000 if they’re right – but nothing if they are wrong.

After three rounds, just one contestant remains. They’ll face the Final, where they could double their bank (up to a jackpot of £10,000) if they back their own knowledge and become Unbeatable.

Unbeatable airs as 45 minute episodes on BBC One and 30 minute episodes on BBC Two.

Unbeatable is co-produced by 12 Yard, an ITV Studios company.

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