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Sitting On A Fortune

Channel: ITV

SIX players. SIX Chairs. NO lifelines. And £100,000 at stake.

Who will find themselves in the Money Chair at the perfect time for the chance to take home a life-changing prize?

Gary Lineker hosts as six players battle it out in a game of two halves, as they firstly compete in 3 QUALIFIERS. Each Qualifier sees a question target set – whoever is at the FRONT of the line to give the final correct answer will go through to the big money Final. With this in mind, the first challenge the players face is deciding WHERE to sit in the line of chairs.

At the end of each Qualifier, one player is sent through to the Final, while the player at the BACK of the line is eliminated.

In the Final, the three qualifying players face just 7 questions. With wrong answers reducing the £100,000 prize pot by £10,000, who can protect the cash under pressure and win big with the all-important final correct answer, when they are Sitting on a Fortune?

Sitting On A Fortune is co-produced for ITV by Potato, an ITV Studios company.

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