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Rat In The Kitchen

Channel: TBS

Humour, high stakes and mystery are the winning ingredients for this vibrant new show as competitive cooking meets classic whodunnit.

Far more than a traditional cooking show, Rat in the Kitchen, hosted by iconic roasting queen and comedian Natasha Leggero and celebrity chef Ludo Lefebvre, is a game of high stakes cat and mouse where viewers get to play detective. Over the course of the 10-episode season, a mix of professional chefs and passionate home cooks compete in a series of creative cooking challenges, earning cash in their bank for every dish that impresses Chef Ludo, while attempting to expose an undercover rat determined to sabotage the dishes and undermine their chances at victory. At the close of each episode, both cooks and viewers will determine who they believe is the rat. If the cooks guess correctly, they win their bank but if successfully duped, then the rat walks away with the cheddar.

Rat In The Kitchen is produced for TBS by Thinkfactory Media, an ITV America company.

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