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Channel: ITV

Pairs of contestants join host Ian Wright to take on the thrilling game show where the difference between winning life-changing money and going home with nothing rests entirely on the roll of a ball.

The contestants face questions that challenge them to MATCH three answers with the correct three options. A perfect match earns the contestants the right to fire a ball from the LAUNCHER along the board – with the players setting the power of the launch themselves at the press of a button. If it lands on a money amount, that cash is BANKED, but if the ball rolls into a DANGER ZONE, the team is at risk of an early exit…

After any successful roll, the contestants are offered the chance to try and leave with their bank, by playing their MONEYBALL in a highly-dramatic, all-or-nothing final roll.

Moneyball is co-produced for ITV by Potato, an ITV Studios company.

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