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Gok Wan hosts brand new ITV series Bling

ITV today announces a brand new daytime series Bling, a Twofour and Possessed co-production.

Hosted by Gok Wan, the 20 x 60’ series delves into the dazzling world of jewellery and beyond; from buying and selling to making and fixing eye-catching pieces, figurines and more.

In the show’s very own Bling store, bling is king. It’s a one-stop shop with four distinct counters, one dedicated to each process, with charismatic experts on hand to guide, advise and get the best deals.

Heart-warming stories abound as excited couples seek that perfect engagement ring, sell a hidden gem such as a delicate pocket watch, fix a much-loved family treasure, or even create a one-off bespoke item. While customers also share the more emotive stories behind their trinkets; perhaps beloved family heirlooms they hope are not damaged beyond repair or treasured objects belonging to a departed loved one.

Heart and purse strings will be pulled, as some customers look to sell and buy – perhaps even restore and sell – within the same visit.

And it gets competitive as the experts are ready to pounce on a colleague’s customer if a piece catches their eye. When a customer hears a big valuation, maybe that cherished heirloom might suddenly seem dispensable!

Meanwhile the craft experts at the fix and make counters will have their skills stretched as they work on everything from necklaces to carriage clocks. All are set to be wowed and surprised with items ranging from costume jewellery to crystal figurines and unique objet d’art.

Join Gok and the team as eye-catching items, emotional stories, hard bargains and quick deals collide under one roof.

Gok Wan said: “Jewellery can mean so much more than simply being just an accessory. And figurines, timepieces and delicate heirlooms often carry a special significance. I can’t wait to see some beautiful bling and delve into the stories that really make it sparkle”

Rachel Innes-Lumsden, Director of Programmes, Twofour West, said: “We’re delighted to be making this new sparkly series for ITV Daytime. Gok Wan will be the perfect glittering host as he helps customers buy the perfect piece or sell their gold as well as unpacking the emotion behind our family treasures.”

Matt Floyd, Head of Development for Possessed, said: “Coming out of lockdown, Brits will be desperate to get out and get their bling on; whether it’s bedazzling an old party dress, fixing a favourite bracelet or selling an unwanted watch for some extra cash. That’s why Gok’s one-stop shop for all things Bling is the perfect opportunity to get the nation shining.”

Bling is co-produced by Twofour and Possessed, both part of ITV Studios, for ITV. The Executive Producers are Rachel Innes – Lumsden for Twofour and Glenn Hugill for Possessed. It was commissioned by Leanne Clarke and Katie Rawcliffe for ITV.

ITV Studios will handle international distribution.

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