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Get ready for The Switch

Our brand new daytime quiz show The Switch, hosted by Sanjeev Bhaskar launches on Monday 25th November at 3pm on ITV and STV.

Produced by Man Possessed and Executive Produced by Caroline Roberts-Cherry, The Switch is a show that we’re all hugely proud of here at Possessed.


Contestants are first given a chance to bank as much money as they can individually in the ‘Easy Money’ clue-based round. Each answer could rhyme with a word, start or perhaps end with the same letter. Every correct answer is worth cash (round 1 £100, round 2 £200, round 3 £300) and they each have just 45 seconds to add to their money pots.

The three ‘Easy Money’ rounds alternate with ‘Switch’ rounds. And here’s where the quizzers can get tactical, as they’re given the chance to ‘stick or switch’ question categories. Will they switch out their competitors’ favourite subjects? Or will they focus on sticking their favourites?

Once the categories are locked in the quiz changes to multiple choice questions. But there’s a twist – one of the answers is incorrect. Contestants race to secure a correct answer. Choose the wrong one and you’re ‘switched out’ of the game. Frozen out, you’re at risk of being left with the wrong answer in the next round, too! The ‘switched out’ player can only hope that one of the other contestants picks an invalid answer and brings them back into play. On the third and final question, the quizzer ‘switched out’ is eliminated.

By the final ‘Switch’ round, only two are competing, with just one right and one wrong answer – so speed is paramount. And if you’re ‘switched out’ in the deciding third category question you lose, leaving your opponent to move victoriously to the final.

The plucky finalist gets one more chance to ‘switch out’ the final categories. Once the three are stuck, they need to answer just one question right in each category to win half their pot. Then they can gamble to run the board again to win their full cash prize. And if they’ve got enough time left – and are feeling extra brave – they can try the board for a third and final time to double their winnings!

It’s easy to get rich… if you avoid The Switch!

Host Sanjeev Bhaskar said: “The Switch is the perfect quiz for viewers who want their general knowledge tested to the limits. I’m delighted to be hosting.”

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