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Paddy McGuinness hosts the physical game show full of brains AND balls in which you don’t always have to be spot on to win – you just have to be in the right ballpark.

Two teams of two answer a series of picture questions to build up their money bank. Every question has 10 possible answers, each represented by an image on a giant LED screen. Suspended above the screen is a mechanism that will release a ball in front of the correct answer.

Each ball caught adds money to the bank. All the players have to do is stand in front of the image showing what they hope to be the correct answer. If they are right, the ball will simply drop into their hands but, if they’re wrong, they still have the opportunity to dash, dive or leap to catch it from wherever it falls. The closer they are to the correct answer, the easier it is to reach the falling ball. Full of unique, visual questions, nail-biting tension and hilarious fun.

Celebrity Catchpoint sees famous faces taking on the same challenge to earn money for their chosen charities.

Catchpoint is co-produced for BBC One by 12 Yard, an ITV Studios company.

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