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Release the balls! Catchpoint launches on BBC One

Our brand new game show Catchpoint launches on BBC One this weekend.

Check out the press release below and be sure to tune in to BBC One on Saturday 23rd March for the first episode of Catchpoint!

Paddy McGuinness presents Catchpoint – BBC One’s gameshow with difference. This is the very first physical game show where contestants need quick reflexes and brains in order to win the cash prize.
Ten giant screens have balls hidden above them which drop from the correct answer. Contestants must think fast because if they choose the wrong screen and miss the ball falling they risk losing their place in the game. The series begins on Saturday 23 March.

The premise of the game is simple – don’t drop the ball! In the studio, ten large rectangular LED screens are positioned along the back wall of the Catch Zone. These screens will display the answers to each question that the players will face. Suspended above the Catch Zone are ten trapdoors – each containing a ball. Only the trapdoor that is located directly above the correct answer screen will open and send a ball plummeting to the ground.

All the players must do is stand in front of the screen that they think is displaying the correct answer, press the button to release the ball and then catch the ball when it drops from the correct answer trapdoor. If the player is standing in the right place, it should be a piece of cake but get it wrong and they’ll have to rely on fast moves and quick reflexes not to drop that ball!

With a variety of rounds, all leading up to an exciting finale where a cash prize is at stake, Catchpoint is a brand new family-friendly game show, combining physical fun with general knowledge questions, in the ultimate battle of brains and balls.

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