CRAM! starts on Ten

Mark this one in your calendars and then memorise it: Possessed’s brand new format CRAM will premiere 7.30 Tuesday October 17 on Channel 10!

Yep, not long now until we witness Pete Helliar attempt to corral two teams of comedians and celebrities as they test their memories across a series of general knowledge categories.

Each category will be introduced with a “cram”: a brief video on any subject from dogs to Leonardo da Vinci, jeans to Justin Bieber. The teams will be captained by acclaimed comedian Dilruk Jayasinha and actor and singer Virginia Gay (All Saints, Winners and Losers).

Divided into two teams of three, the comedians and celebrities will attempt to recall all the facts in the videos. The team that recalls the most facts is the winner.

If it sounds like the world’s easiest game show, that’s because it is.

CRAM premiere 7.30 Tuesday October 17 on Channel 10.